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To buy our enough to set up an account on the website first and add your address and then buy the device that you want we will explain to you step by step the way

The first step is to choose the device you want to buy and then choose in addition to the cart if you want to buy another device with this or  buy now if you want to buy this device only



After clicking on Buy Now you will appear to have this page and write your data



Add your information and after you choose the method of shipping and payment and then confirm the order and payment

After we got your order we start shipping to your address


We will explain here how we charge to ensure that the device reaches you.

With regard to shipping, we only use international companies to ensure that the device reaches you through all countries of the world.



It is an international transportation, parcel delivery and courier service company and is a division of the logistics company that delivers more than 1.5 billion parcels annually

You can find out your nearby headquarters through this link and write your country


It is an Emirati multinational logistics, courier and parcel delivery company based in Dubai, UAE.

You can find out your nearby headquarters through this link and write your country


A U.S. multinational holding company focused on transportation, e-commerce and business services headquartered in Memphis

You can find out your nearby headquarters via this link and write your city



Regarding the shipping price varies from country to country and for that it varies between shipping companies and for that the device you want to charge to know the shipping price you must add the product to a cart in our store and then show you the shipping price



After the customer buys the product, the product is processed in a 24-hour row and sent through your chosen company and after we send the shipment to you we will give you the tracking number and through this number you can follow your shipment every hour wherever you arrive

DHL from here.

Aramex from here.

FedEx from here.

We guarantee that the device will reach you as yours if it does not arrive in 14 days, we send another device or get the money back.

Just press the link and fill the growth.

To get back.


The shipping companies we deal with don't have a payment Cash on delivery.

The device will be sent to the address you have added

When you click to buy on our website and add your address choose the right shipping company for you from here


We ship to all the countries of the world without exception.

with regard to customs, this applies to the policy of the state to which it belongs. Sometimes you don't pay any customs, sometimes yes, and that's relative to the price on the bill.


We are at your service at any time for further enquiries please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions

Regarding payment we accept two ways until now we can add other ways


The first Method payment cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies are encrypted electronic currencies that do not have a physical presence on the ground, they are not in themselves tangible, or can be acquired in hand, but are handled electronically, and what makes them distinctive, and tradable is their ability

we'll explain to you how to buy them and pay us with it in hardwareShop


In order to succeed in buying Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum or any currency you wish, you must

Own a visa and passport to activate your account and you can also buy cryptocurrencies from any local broker through Bitcoin Local

One of the best and easiest sites to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general for many reasons, the most important of which is the ease of registering on the site and the speed of activating your account in a site in addition to the ease of the mini-trading platform through which you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripel and some currencies supported by the platform and then move currencies off the platform for another platform or pay us here and buy the product


Sign up from the site through

After registering on the site, click verification,  which is for checking your account, and fill in the required data.


Your identity information and the website accepts three forms of identity proof, namely (passport- national identity - driver's license) the license or passport can beused.


And that means your personal information.


Your address is in your country.


This means the documents to be filed as identity and proof of housing  you can raise the proof of housing continue descriptive by proving housing through the Saudi post site

Now enter the card and then add the visa then the site will ask you to selfie your face next to the visa and withdraw a random amount required to enter the same amount  .

Visa deposit commission is lower than other sites where it reaches 3.5

You can sell Bitcoin on this site and then withdraw it through your bank visa and it is considered one of the best and fastest ways to withdraw

It has the advantage of depositing and withdrawing in high amounts up to $300,000

In the past, the purchase price was higher than the rest of the sites, but currently the difference between it and other sites is about $50.

Click here to register on the site and you must activate your account through the verification page

The account is required to be transferred passport or identity and proof of residence such as a bank statement and also a visa card is required to be photographed next to your face